Introducing Collections

Collections blur the lines between articles and start pages. A Livingdocs collection page contains teasers with links to other articles just as well as static content. Through the Livingdocs editor, you gain full flexibility for the layout of your start pages.

Whether you have a blog, magazine, or news site you have the need to layout selected content on start and landing pages. Select content draws your readers in and lets you stand out from the news flood. Most start or landing pages are automatically filled by algorithms and the corresponding layouts mostly weigh everything the same whether it was a background story with some hundreds of hours of work in it or just a news feed prompt with an attentive span of a few milliseconds. Livingdocs collections give you the possibility to leverage the content that deserves standing out and enrich your collection pages with all the custom content of regular articles such as text, videos, or forms.

Collections are also a great way to re-use your valuable content. does a great job with its card stacks to bundle all vital information on a topic in one place and re-use it all over their publication. The same is possible with Livingdocs collections with the notable benefit that Livingdocs lets you layout every topic to your liking and doesn't put a one-fits-all template jacket on your content.

You don't need to do a whole card stack though. Sometimes a simple related content teaser is everything you need to draw the reader's attention in the right direction. Livingdocs teasers can be used anywhere. There is a simple reason for this: a collection is itself also just an article so there is no difference between regular articles and collection pages. You decide where you draw the line. great example of a curated collection from Swiss journalist David Bauer.

We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.

Tim Berners-Lee

The biggest value with collections is to recognize the web for what it is. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web puts it this way: «We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.»

So if diversity of thought is what the world wants, why would you confine your pages merely to your own content? Livingdocs teasers allow you to tease every content on the web through powerful metadata scraping. So your news page or blog becomes not only a source of content but also a source of curation that you perform for your readers and that let casual readers become subscribers.

Livingdocs is all about digital-first publishing. Collections are another vital step towards a meaningful publishing process for the web that is not just a content recycler in the form of a Wordpress template as it is now with almost any conventional print-to-web legacy software out there. If we truly want to make the claim for cross-channel publishing, we need to get the web right first. Bringing the layout power of print magazines to the web is one step in the right direction.